Third party inspection is all about inspection and quality assurance. These services essentially help our clients, trading partners, importers and manufacturers to assess the product quality and thereby meet the regulatory norm of requirements to stand upto the industry verticals. Our experience says that third-party quality assurance services will lead to improved product quality reducing customer complaints, product recalls and noncompliance.

Third Party Inspection - We, at Consultrain Management Services provide value-added third-party inspection services to professionals with the aim to enrich their experience in the field of electrical, mechanical, and similarly allied miscellaneous areas. When our skilled team members attend your premises for inspection; they would mainly check meticulously the aspects of components, raw materials, sub-assemblies, assemblies, equipment and systems.

TPI Services - We also provide TPI services that are boosted up and assure accuracy and professional services. You would be completely satisfied after availing these services as we sincerely respect the value for your money spent. For TPI services, we deal with areas including fabrication, machining, welder qualification tests, structural designing, welding, surface preparation and painting, assembly work, product and equipment testing etc. We closely deal with everything related to machineries and equipments; for instance valves, pumps, compressors, centrifugal/ axial fans, compressors, electrical control panels, industrial furnaces, electrical items and so on. TPI services are mainly for assessing the readiness for product classification related to the marine or naval requirements.

Consultrain management services also do quality verification tasks for minerals, coal, food grains etc.