Consultrain Management Services are an able body providing management system support for businesses of all sectors and sizes, all across India (especially in all cities of Eastern region) and also in foreign countries. We have gained years of practical experience, goodwill, trust and orders from our valued clientele over the years across a broad range of industries.

We have worked for host of companies that belong to the construction industry, petroleum industry, food industry, chemical industry, testing laboratories, private business, state government, small business and large corporations. Our professionals have the experience to work with any client with the objective to improve their business systems – it can either be as a consultant or by making changes on the basic ground level. It is now time to experience a genuine and valued product certification following best standards, get the required training of best quality and resourceful industry contacts for moving ahead for a productive business.


We work for you ensuring that the system works for you!

Our main focus is on your greatest asset, your team, incorporating all the process of expertise that we have gained from over 2 years of working in Human Resources and quality, environment and health and safety management systems. The management system that you follow should be sleek and straightforward that is supportive to your business instead a complex and tedious one that restricts growth and operations. We help you to design the management system in a way that compliments your business and fits in simultaneously with business practices. We imply everything that will make your paperwork streamlined and systematic; we follow the right path that aims to reduce time and costing.