A gap analysis is the process of assessing the differences in performance between a business' information systems or software applications in order to determine whether business requirements are meeting both ends and, if not, what steps can be ideally taken to ensure that they are successfully implemented. We skillfully determine the GAP between your organization's current business practices (Management System) and the requirements of standards. This helps us further to plan, rationalize and develop the implementation process. We do it with a thorough analysis and assure you to offer the best out of it. We have earned a good name as GAP analyzers as we rationally understand the requirements of the standards, check and identify where exactly the implementation will have the greatest impact, perfectly make sure to determine the required resources, and finally formulate an implementation plan.

You are sure to save thousands of dollars by trusting us as following the wrong path in the business will ultimately give you no profits but lead to bankrupted budgets, loss of morale, demoralized management system and no proper certification.

The process we follow for GAP analysis –

We firstly do a documentation review of your existing Management System. We would need your existing policies, procedures, and a master list of documents and records, if available.

Then our team will visit your location(s), research policies, interviews staff, and evaluate the existing business processes in the aspects of Management System. This report will help us to understand in details where your current practices meet requirements and where exactly the "gaps" exist.

We finally study this GAP analysis report and then develop a draft project plan for implementing and executing your future project.