Auditing service is needed to offer an insight, support and customised solutions to our clients so that they can professionally address the evolving challenges of the global marketplace. We are an independent service provider who has always aimed to provide holistic and objective assessments to facilitate our clients in processing and systematically proceeding with their industry-wide requirements.

Consultrain management services do have technical capabilities and industry expertise to help the client recognise the inconsistencies, weaknesses and risks; also know the strengths and opportunities for evolving as a better body. Our team helps to manage processes, supply chain relationships, create brand reputations and develop regulatory requirements. We offer comprehensive audit reports that will help you to gain immediate and actionable insights to take critical business decisions and strengthen long-term professional relationships.

Internal Auditing Services
Rising panic is quite common before certification audits; Consultrain Management Services helps you to move forward to your next certification visit with perfection from all aspects and utmost confidence that plays a key role while the auditors are at your place. We train you and take you through a complete audit management service, acting alongside throughout your onsite management representative, assuring of every support needed.
We Assure - :

  • To raise and verify corrective actions related to audits.
  • To control the management review process, scheduling, chairing and planning out meetings.

Why to have an external auditor?

    • They are impartial - External auditors do not peek into the day to day running of the business. To maintain management standards they audit at a particular time and impartially give the analysis report that solely take you towards betterment.
    • They value time - Auditing is a time consuming affair. You might not be able to take the entire pressure on yourself and the internal team while auditing; we are here to share the responsibility and make your audit schedule on time and smoothly.
    • They give you an objective – External auditors are a fresh pair of eyes who would in most cases identifying weaknesses in your approach. This is healthy criticism that indirectly enables you to address these and build confidence to make the management system more effective.